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Welcome to Our Family Photo Album.
Captured Moments in Our Congregational Life
Enjoy a look through our pages. The links below bring you a sampler of events captured by our Temple photographers. Join us and enjoy the view.
Link here for the most recent events.

Composite Courtesy: Samantha Mauro

For images of our new building from an empty lot to a beautiful sanctuary,
please link to the Building Album.

Events are in chronological order
Yom Kippur 2013 Consecration & Simchat Torah Coffee House
2nd & 3rd Grade Shabbat Chanukah Party
Events are in chronological order
Kevin Acrish Memorial Golf Tournament High Holy Day Choir Rosh Hashana "Giant Aliyah"
Shofar Team 2012 Building the Sukkah Pizza in the Hut
Sukkot, Simchat Torah and Consecration Men's Club Coffee House Sisterhood "Sex in the City" NYC tour
Honoring Roberta Ritter 5th Grade Shabbat PreK, K, 1st Grade Shabbat
New Members Dinner Hanukkah Party Men's Club Shabbat
50th Anniversary of Bar Mitzvah Sisterhood Shabbat Boy Scout Shabbat
Men's Club Coffee House - February Purim Girl Scout Shabbat
Shabbat Across America Zumba-Thon Men's Club Coffee House - April
6th grade Shabbat 4th Grade Shabbat Teacher and Aide Appreciation
Scholarship Awards 2nd & 3rd Grade Shabbat Hoedown
Confirmation Volunteer Recognition Concert Series
Events are in chronological order
Kevin Acrish Memorial Golf Classic 2011 High Holy Day Choir High Holy Day Food Drive
Sisterhood Mystery Auction Second and Third Grades Celebrate Shabbat Chanukkah 2011
Junior Choir Boy Scout Shabbat Blood Drive 2012
Passover Kallah Purim Celebration Health Fair
Model Seder 7th grade Shabbat & Junior Choir Teacher & Aide Recognition, Lester Welsher Scholarship
4th Grade Shabbat Confirmation Sisterhood Hoe Down
Men's Club at the Yankees
Events are in chronological order
Kevin Acrish Memorial Golf Classic 2010 Sukkot Celebrations Consecration
Simchat Torah
Dad's Band Author Andi Rosenthal Hanukkah Celebration
Sisterhood Shabbat 6th Grade Shabbat Boy Scout Shabbat
5th Grade Shabbat Men's Club Shabbat Shabbat Across America
Girl Scout Shabbat Celebrations Showcase Purim Celebration
Teacher and Aide Recognition Night Lester Welsher Scholarship Award Model Seder
Family Seder Honoring Rabbi Laurie Gold Volunteer Recognition Night
Confirmation 2011
Events are in chronological order
Alexa Olga Berman Memorial Garden A Taste of Vista on the Hill Mets Jewish Heritage Day
Kevin Acrish Memorial Golf Classic 2009 Taschlich 5770 Sukkot
Consecration and Simchat Torah Celebration New Members Dinner 4th Grade Shabbat
Hanukkah 2009 Men's Club Shabbat Bingo Shabbaton
5th Grade Shabbat Party Showcase Sisterhood Shabbat
2nd Grade Shabbat Boy Scout Shabbat Purim Celebration
Shabbat Across America Third Grade Shabbat Girl Scout Shabbat
Model Seder Family Seder Unity & Peace Concert
Service to Honor Rabbi Acrish Confirmation Gala to Honor Rabbi Acrish
Teacher & Aide Recognition Lester Welscher Scholarship Seventh Grade Shabbat
Volunteer Recognition Israeli Scouts Butterfly Garden
Mets Game
Events are in chronological order
Golf Outing Tashlich 5769 Yom Kippur
High Holy Day Choir Yom Kippur Food Drive Sukkot
Simchat Torah Gift Card Sales Team 4th Grade Shabbat
New Members Dinner Art Auction 6th Grade Kallah
Hanukkah Celebration Youth Group Dance Party Showcase
5th Grade Shabbat Boy Scout Shabbat Purim
2nd & 3rd Grade Shabbat Girl Scout Shabbat Spring Fling
Comedy Night Men's Club Israeli Scouts
Dedication of Donor Wall and Trees Recognition Nights
Events are in chronological order
Tashlich 5768 Golf Outing Sisterhood Walks for the Cure
Sukkot Simchat Torah Amazing Corn Maze Youth Group trip
Ellis Island Trip Gala Dinner Dance in honor of Rabbi Acrish Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service
Latkes and Kallah Celebrations Showcase Men's Club Shabbat
Challah Class Passover Kallah Eagle Scout Award
Youth Group
Best Pesach Ever
Cooking Demo
Purim Carnival
Purim Ball Rosh Chodesh Group Chocolate Seder Family Seder
Sisterhood Shabbat Consecration Recognition Night
Concert for Unity and Peace Leadership Class Teacher Recognition Night
Lester Welsher Scholarship Israeli Scouts Confirmation
Adult B'nei Mitzvah Family Picnic Men's Club at Shea Stadium
Events are in chronological order
Tashlich 5767 Building Progress Hakafot Oct. 15, 2006
Taking down the Sukkah First Shabbat Service in Our New Home and Sanctuary Dedication Last Day of Sunday School in Our Old Home
Hanukkah and Consecration Senior Youth Group Dedicating our New Home
Senior Youth Group Shul-In Purim Celebration Chocolate Seder
Roast of Joe Greenfield Model Seder Community Seder
Shabbat Across America Youth Group Talent Show Volunteer Recognition Night
Family Kallah: Israel Israeli Scouts Family Picnic
Grandparents Day Confirmation Jewish Heritage Day with the NY Mets
Events are in chronological order
Ground Breaking Ceremony and Celebration Sisterhood Chinese Auction Simchat Torah
Youth Group Thanksgiving Baskets Hanukkah and Consecration Passover Wine Tasting
We've Got Steel! Shabbat Across America Purim Carnival
Genizah under the new Bimah Dinner Dance and Silent Auction Rosh Chodesh Group Chocolate Seder
Youth Group DJ Dance Family Seder Holocaust Observance
Breakfast with Rabbi Spring Kallah & Wings of Witness Program Men's Club at Birds of Prey Day
Sisterhood Shabbat Youth Group Car Wash Recognition Night
Family Picnic & Israeli Scouts Building Progresses   
Events are in chronological order
High Holy Days observances Dinner Dance and Auction Confirmation Class Activities
New Members' Dinner Consecration and Hanukkah Celebration Family Kallah: All About Hanukkah
Sisterhood Shabbat Men's Club Latke Mavens School Activities
Youth Group DJ Party "The King and Oy" Purim Carnival
Rosh Chodesh Group Chocolate Seder Passover at TBE 5th Grade Shabbat
Holocaust Remembrance Service Recognition Night Israeli Scouts
Confirmation Celebrating Israel Family Picnic
Events are in chronological order
Celebrate our 50th Anniversary An Evening with Alan Menken New Members' Dinner
Sisterhood Dinner Hanukkah and Consecration at TBE Family Kallah- Exploring the Holidays
Sisterhood Passover Wine Tasting Purim Schpiel "The Rabbi of Oy!" Purim Carnival
Shabbat Across America Model Seder Yom HaShoah observance
Adult B'Not Mitzvah Class Recognition Night Confirmation
Tikkun Olam at TBE Family Picnic Adult B'Not Mitzvah Service
Pet Blessing      

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