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Rabbi Solomon B. Acrish, Ph.D.

Dear Friends,

I have always known that we belong to a very caring and kind Temple family that never fails to rise to a challenge. I was made keenly aware of how fortunate we are to be part of Temple Beth Elohim during my recent illness and had an opportunity to be the recipient of an overwhelming outpouring of good will, acts of kindness and sincere expressions of love and concern. I have received more than I ever expected, and your support, concern and affection have helped me in my recovery.

I am grateful to the many congregants who called or emailed to inquire about my health and wish me a speedy recovery. Your words inspired me. To the dozens of congregants and friends who sent cards or baskets of goodies, I am in great debt. Thanks to Pamela Richardson, who so efficiently organized the daily delivery of delicious dinners, and to the many gourmet chefs who prepared meals for us.

I would have been devastated had my absence interrupted services at the Temple and the continued instruction of our children. I am forever grateful to our members who ably fill my role when asked to substitute. Thanks to Janet Mauro and David Eppinger for planning religious services and participation. I also wish to thank Joseph Greenfield, Judy Coco, Robin Sills, Richard Sills, Jason and Traci Greenberg and Wendy Grodenchick for their dedication to our Temple and their love for our children.

I do not know how the many activities of our Temple would have been coordinated without the devotion and professionalism of Nan and Betsy. They have been invaluable in keeping everything together. We would be lost without you.

To our children whose Bar/Bat Mitzvah I missed, I am sorry. Although I was not physically present, I was at your side, listening to you with pride and joy.

It has been a long and sometimes painful road to recovery, but your prayers, kindness, and genuine concern have sustained me and given me strength.

I am truly blessed to be part of the Temple Beth Elohim Family and to have cherished friends and loving family.

Thank you.


Your Rabbi

Rabbi Solomon Acrish has been the spiritual leader for Temple Beth Elohim for over 48 years. In May of 2016 he will celebrate 50 years as our Rabbi, a remarkable accomplishment at any Temple in the world.

Rabbi takes great pride in knowing each and every family and congregant. He is regularly seen welcoming the children to school each week and greeting everyone by name. He feels it is critical to know his congregation well, and to be involved with their family and their needs. How else could he be the spiritual advisor and confidant that his Temple family depends on each day?

Having supported over three generations of families, it is his extreme pleasure to see his Temple family grow each year. How many Rabbi's have counseled generations of a family, knowing the wonderful occasions to celebrate in their lives, and support those families in times of trouble, sickness or grieving? We count our blessings each year that he has been our Rabbi, friend, confidant and leader.

To contact Rabbi Acrish, please phone: (845) 279-4585 or send an e-mail.

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